Villa Lastva

in Montenegro

Terms of lease

    Meaning of the terms:
  • - property - tourist apartment Villa Lastva with a yard, address Obala Filipa Miloševića No 18, 85320 Tivat, Montenegro,
  • - lease - tourist accommodation service,
  • - tenant - guest, ie user of the tourist accommodation service,
  • - property owner - tourist accommodation service provider IDC Company doo Podgorica, address Ul. Admirala Zmajevića No 67, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro.
  1. Booking

    The booking procedure is as follows: When booking the guest (tenant) will pay a deposit of 30% of the rental price. If the reservation is made less than three weeks before the date of registration (check-in), must pay the full amount of the rent of accommodation.No contract will exist until the property owner receives that amount and until the property lease agreement is properly signed. If the guest (tenant) later cancels the reservation, the cancellation fee becomes chargeable in accordance with paragraph 3. The guest (tenant) who is marked in the contract as the holder of the contract is responsible for the implementation of the contract and for any possible damages. Guest (tenant) who is in a contract as the contract holder is responsible for the implementation of the contract and for any possible damage. The property owner may refuse the reservation or refuse to sign the lease agreement if the lease is requested by a group of persons under 25 years of age or if incorrect information on the age of the guests (tenants) is provided when booking.

  2. Payment of the remaining balance (rental amount)

    The remaining balance (rental amount) will be paid by the guest (tenant) at least 3 weeks before the checkin date. If the balance (rental amount) is not received by the due date (at least 3 weeks before the check-in date), the property owner has the right to cancel the reservation (without any consequences for the owner) and keep the deposit paid at the time of booking. For reservations made within 3 weeks before the check-in date, the guest (tenant) must pay the full amount of the accommodation rental at the time of booking.

  3. Cancellation by guests

    The guest (tenant) will inform the property owner that he wants to cancel the reservation. In the event that the property owner cancels the reservation for the reasons stated under paragraph 2, he will notify the guest (tenant) by submitting the cancellation of the reservation to the e-mail of the guest (tenant) specified in the reservation. The property owner (in both of the above cases) has the right to retain the following amounts:
    -3 or more weeks before arrival (check-in), deposit paid at the time of booking, ie 30% of the rental price for the booked period,
    - less than 3 weeks before arrival (check-in) the entire paid rent for the reserved period, ie 100% of the rental price for the reserved period (reservation deposit and the amount of the remaining balance). Security deposits (paragraph 8) will be fully refunded in case of cancellation.

  4. Cancellation or change by owner

    If the property owner for any reason, beyond his control, is unable to make use of the property you have booked, the property owner reserves the right to allow you to use a similar or better property. However, if this is not possible or the guest (tenant) does not want the other to use the other property, the property owner will cancel the reservation and refund the amount paid to rent the property without the obligation to reimburse any cancellation costs.

  5. MMinimum rental period

    Minimum stay is 1 week (7 nights). A deviation from this may exist but must be approved by the property owner.

  6. Number of guests

    The property can be used only by those persons specified in the real estate lease agreement. Sublease is strictly prohibited. Change of guests is possible only with the approval of the property owner and can be only 1 week before arrival (check-in). It is not possible to change the guest (tenant) who is the holder of the lease agreement. The number of guests is limited to 6 people. If the property owner finds that more than the specified number of guests (tenants) occupy the property, the property owner has the right to ask guests (tenants) to leave the property immediately, regardless of whether the lease period has expired and without the obligation to return any rental price and penalty charge.

  7. Insurance

    It is recommended that the guest (tenant) has travel insurance coverage, including travel cancellation and personal injury insurance.

  8. Arrival and departure time

    Check-in time is 15:00 and check-out time is 10:00. If the guest (tenant) arrives at the facility on the day of arrival after 20:00, he is obliged to announce a late arrival in advance. The property owner cannot guarantee early check-in or late check-out, unless confirmed in advance by the property owner.

  9. Security deposit

    The owner of the property will charge the guests (tenants) security deposit of 2,000 EUR. The deposit covers any damage to the leased property and its contents produced by the guests (tenants) and/or their guests.The owner can use all or part of the security deposit to repair the damage caused by the guests (tenants). If the amount of damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the guests (tenants) remain liable for the remaining amount. The deposit can be paid together with the rest of the rental amount or at any time. The amount of the deposit, less any applicable claims of the property owner in the name of damages, will be returned to the guests (tenants) in the same way as it was paid to the property owner. The security deposit will be returned to guests within 2 weeks after check-out, after the property owner has had the opportunity to assess the condition of the property.

  10. Damage to property

    The guest (tenant) who signs the lease agreement is responsible for the correct and decent behaviour. Guests (tenants) are obliged to adhere to the house rules which are an integral part of the contract and especially not to disturb the neighbouring facilities with their behaviour. Guests (tenants) are obliged to properly and carefully use and handle all furniture, appliances, decorations and other movable and immovable property, plumbing, electrical and heating and pool installations, electronics, fireplaces and other equipment available on the leased property, including the construction the building and its parts as well as the external elements of the building including plants. Guests (tenants) must leave the leased property in the condition in which they found it on the date of check in. Guests (tenants) are responsible for breakdowns and repairs of any kind on the leased property during the term of the lease and if the breakdown or damage occurred due to their fault. The property owner may charge all or part of the security deposit to cover additional cleaning, repairs or replacements. In addition to the guest (tenant) who is the holder of the lease agreement, all other guests listed in the contract (or stay in the property) are jointly and severally liable (when the property owner cannot be charged from the holder) for all damages claimed by the property owner, regardless of whether they signed a lease agreement provided that they were actual users (guests) in the real estate, which is proven by entry in the guest book. It is recommended that the guest (tenant) inspect the property upon arrival to ensure that it is in good condition and if there are any objections to the same notice to the property owner no later than the next day upon arrival. If guests (tenants) behave with disrespect towards the building and its contents, the property owner reserves the right to ask all guests (tenants) to leave the property immediately.

  11. Price guarantee

    Once both parties have signed the property lease agreement, the property owner warrants that the property rental price will be final (including all taxes and fees) and will not be subject to additional costs other than the cost of subsequently contracted services.

  12. Statement of guest injuries

    The owner of the property is not responsible for any accidents or injuries to guests or their guests during their stay (lease), under any circumstances. The owner of the property is not responsible for any damage or theft of the property of the guests (tenants) and/or their guests during their stay (lease) under any circumstances. Window sills in some rooms can be low, as this is a building / property that was primarily built in the XIX century, so guests (tenants) are advised not to open these windows or if they open it they do so with due care and personal responsibility. (without the responsibility of the property owner). Guests (tenants) will use the pool at their own risk. It is forbidden to use the pool if one adult who knows how to swim is not present at the pool at all times. During rain and / or other precipitation, as well as during the use of the pool, the floor surfaces may get wet and they may become slippery. The owner of the property is not responsible for any accidents or injuries to guests or their guests during their stay (lease) due to a fall due to slippery floors or the like. All equipment, devices, furniture, etc., as well as the property and its parts are used by guests or their guests at their own risk.

  13. A party on the estate

    Parties and other activities involving a large number of guests are strictly prohibited, unless the owner has previously approved them in full. In the event of unauthorised use of the property in such a way, the owner has the right to ask all guests to leave the property immediately, and the security deposit will be forfeited, until all relevant claims have been fully assessed. The property cannot be used for any organisation of weddings and / or celebrations of any kind without the approval of the property owner. In case of consent of the property owner for the organisation of such events (celebrations), the property owner may request additional compensation for the use of the property. Any event that results in police intervention, complaints to a neighbour, organisation of celebrations, violation of house rules and / or these lease terms, or any violation of rules and regulations is considered sufficient reason for immediate termination of the contract, and the property owner may request immediate abandonment. by guests (tenants), damages and penalties, without refund of any payments.

  14. Children

    Children are welcome. When booking, please let us know if there will be a child (s) among the guests and let us know their age. Guests (tenants) are obliged to take care of the safety of children during their stay in the property (without the responsibility of the property owner).

  15. Pets

    Pets are allowed under the following conditions:
    - 1 dog or 1 cat weighing up to 10 kg is allowed.
    The stay of a dog or cat is charged 200.00 EUR per stay.

  16. Smoking

    Smoking is not allowed in the house but is allowed on the terraces and in the yard. In case of violation of this rule, the owner of the facility may charge additional costs for special cleaning.

  17. Swimming pool

    The owner of the property undertakes that the outdoor pool will be available to guests from the first day of check-in (check in) and in the period from 15.05. - 30.09. The property owner will ensure regular maintenance of the pool clean, with clean and proper bathing water. The pool has no water heating and the property owner cannot guarantee the water temperature in the pool as it depends on the weather conditions. The owner of the pool does not guarantee that during the use of the pool there will be no possible malfunction of the pool equipment, which may cause its non-functionality, but it will provide service and repair within a reasonable and possible time.

  18. Cleaning service

    The property will be handed over to guests (tenants) in a clean condition. The owner of the property charges a final cleaning of the building 250.00 EUR (without exception). In the event that the property owner deems that special (special) cleaning of the building or its parts is necessary (including the exterior), the property owner may charge additional costs for such cleaning. Bed linen change service is provided once a week and is included in the price. Towel change service (except beach towels) is provided twice a week and is included in the price. Guests can be left with a double set of towels for a period of seven days, which is adequate to change twice a week. The service of regular cleaning of the facility and replacement of towels for the pool is provided every 7 days and this is included in the price. Additional change of bed linen, towels and bath towels (outside the above) is charged an additional 100.00 EUR per room. Additional cleaning of the facility (outside the above) is charged 250.00 EUR per cleaning.

  19. Photos and/or video

    Photographs or videos on the property may not be used or sold for profit (commercial or marketing purposes) without the written permission of the property owner.

  20. Water, electricity, telephone and internet

    Water, electricity and internet are included in the rental price of the property if used under normal conditions. The use of a fixed telephone in the facility is limited to 30.00 EUR for a period of 7 days. Any phone consumption over this amount will be charged extra. Any possible use of water, electricity and internet outside normal conditions (charging large batteries or cars, connecting large consumers of electricity, spilling large amounts of water, etc.) may be charged extra by the property owner. The property owner is not responsible for any interruptions in the supply of water, electricity, telephone and internet services (usually short supply interruptions can rarely be expected) beyond the control of the property owner.

  21. Locked and forbidden areas

    Guests (tenants) do not have access to warehouses from the property owner. Guests (tenants) are denied access to:
    - technical room with electrical cabinets and high and low current equipment (below the stairs),
    - technical room of the pool (below the beach by the pool),
    - technical room with boiler and air conditioning equipment,
    - attic with technical air conditioning devices,
    - inspection openings in the ceilings in which is electricity and air conditioning equipment, whether those rooms are locked or not..
    Any eventual access to these spaces is at the own risk of the guest (tenant) and without any responsibility of the property owner. Guests are strictly prohibited from self-management, adjustment and or any work and access to electrical, plumbing and air conditioning equipment, devices of any kind or any installations, and in case of such events they are responsible for the consequences (without liability of the property owner). Any attempt to enter the above areas (whether locked or not) is the cause of the immediate termination of the lease, confiscation of all funds paid, while guests will be liable for damages and / or missing items. Guests (tenants) are obliged to report any possible malfunction or non-functioning of the equipment immediately or within a reasonable time to the property owner.

  22. House rules and fire safety

    Guests (tenants) are obliged to adhere to the house rules that are displayed in the building, which is an integral part of the lease agreement. Guests (tenants) are informed with fire protection measures, exits from the building, and places with fire extinguishers. The use of a bio ethanol fireplace in the living room is not allowed without the permission of the owner. The use of barbecue is allowed only outside and only in the area directly in front of the kitchen / dining room. Guests are required to use the barbecue with due care so that there is no fire and at their own risk. It is strictly forbidden to open the well cover or climb the well, as well as to open any manholes. In case of storm with wind, heavy rain, hail, snow, etc., guests are required to close all windows, doors and shutters, fold parasols and protect outdoor furniture (especially pillows), to prevent damage to the building and things in it and in the yard . Shutters that are open in normal weather must be locked in a stationary position. In case of very high wind, the car gate will open and remain in the open position until the wind speed stops or decreases. This is a normal occurrence and serves the safety of people and vehicles in storm conditions. For this reason, all vehicles in the parking lot must be parked under the canopy (not outside it) in the part towards the gate. The owner of the property is not responsible in case of damage or theft of the vehicle, although the exit from the gate is under video surveillance.

  23. Property owner rights

    The owner of the property or a person authorised by him, may access the real estate and/or any part of it without any restriction and/or notice whenever he suspects damage to the real estate, movables, equipment or devices, when he suspects that the house rules are violated , when the real estate is used contrary to the lease agreement or simply for control purposes. The owner of the property r or a person authorised by him may enter the property by announcement for the necessary repairs of equipment, installations and buildings. The owner of the property or a person authorised by him may enter the property without restriction and notification in the event of an alarm, burglary, fire or other emergency situation.

  24. Force majeure

    The property owner is not obliged to return any amount of money he received before or during the lease of the property under circumstances involving "Force Majeure". In the above, "Force Majeure" means war, threat of war, insurrection, civil strike, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, accident, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, epidemic or disease, airline problems, airport or port closure, adverse weather conditions , temporary harmful problems on and/or around the property or any other event, situation, incident and natural cause beyond our control of the property owner.

  25. Values / injuries

    Values that guests (tenants) leave or keep on real estate (inside and/or outside the building) do so at their own risk. Guests (tenants) are advised to lock the facility and turn on the anti-burglary system when they are not in it. The property owner and/or any staff cannot be held responsible for their loss or disappearance of the property of the guests (tenants) regardless of the fact that there are cameras and anti-burglary systems on the property. In case of any alarm in the building, guests (tenants) are obliged to leave the building for security reasons and immediately inform the owner of the property about the same event and by phone:
    - Civil Protection Operations Center at number 121,
    - police on number 122,
    - firefighters on number 123,
    - emergency medical assistance at number 124,
    which is applicable in the present case. There is a safe deposit box in the building that guests (tenants) can use. The property owner is not responsible for the disappearance of any valuables deposited in the safe. The guest will be charged a fee of 100.00 EUR in case they do not return any key and/or access cards and/ or electronic tags if applicable. The property owner is not responsible for any injuries and/or other outcomes caused by the use of the property, pool or any part of the property, equipment or device, regardless of how and when it occurred. All guests must abide by the rules and notices on safety issues, use common sense and parents must monitor their children at all times and take care of their safety.

  26. Obligation of the property owner

    The obligation of the property owner is to provide the accommodation service as stated in the lease agreement. Any additional services that guests (tenants) request from the property owner may be an additional charge. In addition to the contracted services, the property owner can offer the following services to guests (tenants) (depending on availability):
    - transfer from and to the airport - upon request,
    - purchase of food or drinks before or during the stay - upon request,
    - laundry and ironing services - on request,
    - organization of preparation or supply of food with service - on request,
    - babysitting services - on request,
    - car rental - on request,
    - bicycle rental - on request,
    - boat or speedboat rental - on request,
    - organization of excursions - on request,
    - other types of specific guest needs - on request.
    The aforementioned additional services will be charged by the property owner if he provides them, but he is not obliged to provide them to the guest (tenant) if for any reason he is not able to do so.

  27. Disputes

    Any disputes will be resolved amicably, and in case of impossibility, the territorially competent court in Montenegro shall have jurisdiction.